Digital Agencies program

Svgexport 13

Benefits for agencies in the Digital Agencies program

As a certified Digital Agency, you get:

  • Promotion via our partnerplatform, various projects, events and webinars and the sales and acquisition teams

  • The opportunity to invite to speak at your events and webinars

  • Access to relevant Retailer API betas and pilots

In addition, Gold and Silver agencies get:
  • Regular meetings and a dedicated account manager within

  • The option to participate in events for sellers

  • The opportunity to pitch for the acquisition teams

  • The option to publish joint showcases through the communication channels

  • Gold partners are matched with account managers to jointly develop a growth path for high potential sellers

How do I apply for the Digital Agency program?

We are happy to announce that we’ve opened our existing program to new agencies. You’re able to apply with a filled in RFI form until October 22nd 2021. The RFI can be requested with the apply button below.

We want to help our sellers choose a digital agency partner that best fits their needs. This is why we award the labels of Ambassador, Silver and Gold to the selected agency partners based on the RFI. Each label has its own set of benefits and are based on requirements: the quality of the application and service, amount of sellers, the agency’s potential and proven experience of the agency.

These categories are evaluated on a regular basis, enabling to maintain an accurate listing of high quality agency partners.

Requirements for agencies in the Digital Agencies program

We have set two general requirements which you need to meet in order to receive the RFI.

As an agency you need:

  • Experience with marketplaces services.

  • Experience with the support sales partners on the platform.